Dillon Law Group delivers the experienced defense you need—with the personalized attention you deserve.

Dillon Law Group, LLC is dedicated to defending businesses and professionals in every sense of the word—from risk management to exposure limitation to tenacious legal advocacy.

We bring together decades of expertise resolving complex federal investigations—from both sides of the courtroom. Drawing on insights from both defense and government perspectives, DLG assembles a customized team for each case to give you the strongest protection in your federal matter.

And at Dillon Law Group, you're part of the team, too. Your unique strategic interests guide the way, and we use your input at every step. We know that white collar cases are about so much more than what goes on inside the courtroom, and we work tirelessly to protect your integrity throughout the investigation process.

Your world is already complex. Your legal team doesn't have to be.

What People are Saying

Dillon Law Group Five Star Rating

"Lawyer you can trust"

"Bill gave me great advice and support when I needed them the most."

"It is very hard to find a lawyer who cares . . . I would highly recommend Bill. He answers you ASAP and goes the extra mile."

"Complete satisfaction"

"Mr. Dillon handled my case to my complete satisfaction. I was given superior legal advice."

"Mr. Dillon cared about my case and made me feel like a priority. Mr. Dillon is very knowledgeable and professional, and ensured that every aspect of my case was handled. He communicated with me and kept me informed throughout the process. My case was handled quickly and completely. It was a very positive experience during a hard time in my life."